Gai’s presentation style is absolutely first-class, and she had the players’ attention from the start of the day until the very end with only an hour lunch break in between. It’s obvious Gai knows her content extremely well as there were no references to notes or PowerPoint slides. Also her combination of theory with real life examples from her clients (many of which are professional sportspeople) was excellent. The girls really embraced the learnings and actively participated in techniques that took them way beyond their comfort zones. The highlight of the day was when Gai asked for volunteers to be put into “peak state”. On the day we had nine players get up in front of their team mates and work with Gai. From this group we also had two of our younger more timid players (both 18 year old’s) who do have a history with confidence issues. The applause from their team mates when they got up with Gai was a moment our group will never forget – and yes there were even tears. At the end of the day the entire team were also put into a “peak state” which all the players embraced.

Anthony Dudeck, Premier League Coach, Manly Women’s Touch Football












(Via Instagram) I’m 90.9 kg 200 grams off fight weight, daaaam I’m skinny, from 100kg 8wks ago… feeling awesome… best shape of my life to date… 8wks of hard work.. the biggest thing I will take with me this fight will be my mindset, it’s been the missing piece to the puzzle of reaching my peak, and with the help of gai @startlifenow I’m transforming my mind into the warrior mindset, basically inner belief, positive thoughts and composure, and a good team of people around you.. time to do the business…

Daniel Jones, NSW Cruiserweight Champion Boxer












I was first introduced to Gai at Start Life Now after finishing a career as an elite swimmer, to pursue one in triathlon. I had trained at a high level physically many years – but never mentally. After hearing nothing but positive feedback from her sessions, I made contact with Gai and went in with an open mind. One session lead to another where I was constantly put into a peak state. Along with visualising my racing, Gai taught me how to handle my thought process to a point where I would naturally block out any negativity mid race. The visualisation became so real that my first race became a flash back to everything I had done with Gai. I was blown away to how “easy” my racing became through a few sessions of mental preparation. I look forward to continuing my work with Gai as an athlete and on a personal level. I would recommend her to anyone looking to overcome any mental challenges they may face. Thanks for all your work Gai!

Danielle De Francesco, Professional Triathlete












As an Ironman triathlete I went to see Gai to help take my training and racing to another level, and she helped me achieve this and more.

Gai gave me tools to help my mind get more out of my body in training and racing, and these same tools also helped me to control the nerves and anxiety that comes hand in hand with racing.

The sessions are far from air fairy, and she has a great ability to relate to you and make you push your boundaries. I learnt a lot about myself in just a few short sessions and the benefits went a lot further than just my triathlon performance. There was so much that I took from the time I spent with Gai that helped in my relationships with my family and friends and also in the running and success of my business.

I will continue to see Gai to help me in all aspects of my life and to make me a better person and athlete. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough for anyone wanting to improve any aspect of their lives.

Brad Wright, Body Performance Mind Expert / Triathlete












Here at the Sports Leadership and Excellence Centre we arrange activities, lecturers and workshops for in-house sporting teams and school groups. Gai ran an NLP workshop for a group of 30 students, involved in a school sports camp.

The feedback from staff and students of the group was of a high standard and we would recommend her for any future bookings regarding NLP or mental preparation. Gai’s ability to adapt to her clients age, gender and personalities makes for an enjoyable yet educational experience. I would recommend her for any personal or group workshops. 10/10.

Matt Whitehouse, Accommodation & Activities Coordinator, Runaway Bay Sport and Leadership Excellence Centre

I have struggled with confidence my whole life and it tracked back right from when I was in high school. Which is something I never think about and thought was way behind me. It’s amazing the things that come to the surface during these sessions. I am grateful for the things Gai made me face, for if I didn’t face these now I wouldn’t allow myself to grow into my future.

I thank her from the bottom of my heart! What an inspirational woman! ❤️ I will definitely return and recommend her to anyone and everyone.

Samantha Waldron

I had a huge fear of flying that started soon after I had my first child. I would be so nervous leading up to a flight and during the flight I was terrified and could usually be found crying, clinging to an air hostess. My fear became so bad that I had to be medicated in order to fly.

I had to take a flight recently on my own with the kids and decided being ‘spaced out’ on Valium probably was not such a good idea. That’s when I found Gai and thought trying NLP with her may be worth a try. I wasn’t expecting too much difference, but noticed that leading up to the flight, I didn’t feel my usual nerves.

Then when it came time for the flight I felt fine and when we became airborne I was completely calm, just going through the technique Gai had taught me. I honestly could not believe it! The return flight was just as relaxing. I feel my minds been reprogrammed and the crippling fear I’ve had for the past 7 years seems to have gone. I will definitely be going back to Gai to work on other aspects of my life, as I feel totally convinced that NLP works and can be used for anything. Gai is a warm, caring, calming and extremely knowledgeable person and I would recommend anyone to use her services. Thanks Gai!

Liz Chalmers

I’m a boxing coach who until August this year retired from fighting 7 years ago. Throughout those 7 years I made many attempts to get ‘ring-fit’ again in order to fight, but wasn’t able to re-ignite the desire to train the way I needed to. I finished on a loss 7 years ago after a 7 fight win streak, and the loss really affected me mentally.

I recently held a charity fight night where I was to fight again in the main event. I started training quite well towards the end in the limited time I had, but I felt flat 5 days out of my fight. I wasn’t mentally ready. I was lacking self belief and dwelling on my last loss and couldn’t find the focus I used to have and needed again.

This is when I saw Gai at Start Life Now. She helped me find my ‘Fight State’. I admit I was sceptical at first, but willing to try anything to get me ready. I knew I was physically ready and that it was my demons holding me back mentally. I will struggle to describe the process in words but I will say it this… ‘seeing Gai was my turning point…!

I fought extremely well that night, two weeks later I went on to fight again and won against a heavier and far more experience opponent. I now have retired officially on a win, and its a great feeling.

Nick Midgely

I am amazed at the result from just one session with Gai. I’m about to fly back to the UK with my 4 year old and have had a fear of flying for years. It’s never been bad enough to stop me from travelling but always plays on my mind leading up to the trip. This time around the stress has been pretty full on, to the point of I wanted to cancel my flight.

Gai helped me to replace the feeling of anxiety with a feeling of calm and added some humour in for a bit of light relief. Thank you for allowing me to see that EVERYTHING I need is within me already! I look forward to our follow up session and will keep you posted post flight to let you know how it went.

Emma Clifford

Before commencing my life coaching sessions with Gai O’Dwyer of Start Life Now, I was a lost human being, subconsciously living a routine life, focusing on everything and everyone else around me, forgetting that I was living a life that was mine.

I met Gai through a Fitness Training Group, and we had only talked on a few minor occasions. The day Gai approached me, and asked if I wanted to participate in 6 sessions of life coaching, was the day my life changed.

My life before the sessions, was revolving around a daily mountain work load, a stale relationship, and consuming acquaintances that I was calling friends and family. I referred to this life as a “black” hole. Leading up to the commencement of sessions was nerve racking, however Gai’s warmth and professional manner from the beginning to end of each session instantly released my nerves and created a hunger for more knowledge and tools for my new found “light” life.

Throughout the six sessions, each week, I eagerly implemented the discussed goals into actions, and achieved success each time. I achieved success in transforming my attitude into happiness, decreased my work hours and stress and introduced boundaries from negativity and manipulation. There were many disciplines I learnt from Gai, which included empowerment, boundaries, strategies, courage, creating and being. All disciplines I familiarise and apply more and more each day since my completion of sessions with Gai. The tools and processes I now practice in all aspects of my life not only benefit me, but everyone around me.

I thank Gai from the bottom of my heart for approaching me and holding the sessions with me. I am now the driver of my ‘bus’ (life), and I enjoy creating a greater life for myself. I highly recommend Gai O’Dwyer to everyone, as I know Gai will have the same wonderful impact and success with their lives, as she did with mine.

“Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn ON the light”
Albus Dumbeldore

Alicia Homann

Jump-start your potential and transform your life.