Parenting Strategies

With over 15 years expertise working with children, and now a mother to a four year old, I am delighted that I can assist parents to have even greater relationships, communication and results. NLP is a great resource for parents, I want to take the ‘hard’ out of parenting for you by sharing techniques that are easy to learn and implement.

The reason NLP works so effectively with children is rather than telling, yelling and nagging, you will instead offer them choices and questions to challenge their thinking. Then starts the process of the child being accountable for their own behaviour, from as young as 3 years old! Not only will you have improved communication with your children, you will have a deeper understanding, guiding them to increased independence and empowerment, leading to a very strong positive self concept.

“There is no such thing as a perfect parent. So just be a real one”. Sue Atkins

Let’s teach our children awareness, what better way for them to arrive into teenage / adolescence years, as confident , self-assured, kind and compassionate humans? Imagine your child achieving high-quality results socially, physically, emotionally, academically and creatively, all because you took the time to introduce NLP mindset strategies and techniques . It is never too early, contact me now! I would love to work with your family so together we can commit to creating the greatest possible foundations that will support and expand your child’s growth and potential.

Typical Behaviours: 2 – 5 years

NLP helps a child and parent look beyond the fear itself, for eg: the dark; sleeping in their bed; trying new experiences; socialising with other children; swimming. I do this through a variety of story-telling, fun games and specific language that re-programs the unconscious mind. They will have a memory of the dark but they will no longer have the un-resourceful emotion, for eg: fear, attached to that memory. I love helping children overcome their fears, I have used these techniques with my own 4 year old daughter, Freya, who had a fear of thunder, she is so confident that she helps other children at her preschool if they are scared!
A child that is a fussy eater can cause  parents a lot of worry. I am happy to say that NLP can really help assist both child and parents. Again, the focus is not solely about the food – other areas are explored. For eg: is the child having enough independence in their world? Are risks encouraged? Is the child anxious? When does the child eat? Is the child experiencing creative expression? There is a whole range of things that may be going on for the child, and through the use of questions, stories, visuals and fun stories, I am able to work with your child so they feel empowered.
Some children are able to reach this milestone quicker than others. There is no right or wrong, although if it is starting to impact you or the child, for eg: waking many times in the night; bed wetting many times,  I can help. Recently I assisted my daughter (who was three at the time) for the out-of-a-night-nappy transition. The process was very simple – I used three specific NLP language techniques for a period of 6 weeks. She is now fully toilet-trained and rarely wets the bed. I would love to make this an easy transition for you and your child.
I am sure we have all been there at some point – whether its in a public shopping centre, or getting dressed, brushing teeth, eating dinner! I appreciate first-hand the energy this takes to deal with these situations. A good tantrum can almost take you to breaking point. I am able to help your child gain more control over their emotions, through specific, fun and interesting questions & language, designed to get your child thinking again. This can be done from a very young age through music, audio stories and fun games.

Above are just a few examples of the services I can offer. I am confident in assisting you and your child in any area, for eg: bullying, shynesss, anger, sadness etc.

NLP is a tremendously valuable tool in promoting a strong positive self concept, allowing your child to have happier, calmer, confident experiences. Whenever I work with children, I do so with their visual, kinaesthetic (feelings) auditory (hearing) and AD (thinking /processing) receptors. This is where the fun stories, metaphors, role play and creative resources are used. These techniques, integrated with 15 years of expertise in Early Childhood, provide a very powerful tool.

“All kids need is a little hope. And someone who believes in them”. Michael Jordan

The benefit for you as the parent is, not only do you see wonderful positive changes within your child, you will learn these NLP techniques to incorporate into all life areas. Initial complimentary telephone or email consultation will best determine the package to best suit you and your child. Contact me now so we can transform your family life in ways you never knew possible.

Jump-start your potential and transform your life.