The Champion Athlete

NLP and Mindset for the Athlete

NLP is revolutionising the way forward for elite athletes and sportspeople. Studies have now proven that the body actually obeys the mind (David R.Hawkins, M.D.,Ph.D). If this is the case, what is the ramification for you, the athlete? Great question.

Research shows when athletes integrate the mind with their physical body, the results and performances become even greater. You, the athlete, already have the physical and technical skills for your sport. These are inherit and you will never lose these.

“Success isn’t given. It’s earned. On the track, on the field, in the gym. With blood, sweat and the occasional tear”. Nike

For eg: if you have a poor performance was it that all of a sudden you lost your fitness? Was it that all of a sudden you lost your skills? NO! The only thing that faulted was your self-belief, which than determines your focus, concentration, stamina and confidence. When you lose your confidence, even for a split second, your opponents will capitalise on this – we have all seen examples of this many times e.g. tennis and boxing.

NLP offers tools and strategies to master elite sports performance before, during, and after the performance:

I am passionate in working with athletes of all levels. II will unlock the hidden potential to enable you to get even greater results. So whatever your sport, whatever your level: recreational / elite / team / individual, I would love to assist you in getting the extraordinary result that you are working towards.

  • How to deal with doubts, worries, limiting beliefs and un-resourceful emotions that get in the way of you performing at your peak
  • How to create STATES of confidence, composure and focus
  • How to not only be the champion, but to stay the champion
  • How to use visualisation & imagery
  • High-quality goals and the steps to achieving them
  • How to get into the zone and have performance flow
  • How to overcome performance anxiety

photo 2

Pictured above is professional surfer Tatiana Weston-Webb, currently on the Women’s Surfing Championship Tour, being prepared for her quarter-final event at Bells Beach Ripcurl Pro, Vic, AUS.

Mind of a Champion

All athletes strive to be the best in their chosen sport, you are in peak physical condition, the training results are incredible and yet, are you still not reaching the success you so desire? Or perhaps you are, but are looking to go even further? Your results and success are not just a result of your physical and skill ability. These are inherent in you and you will never lose them. The only thing that will cost you the event – a ranking, a PB… is your belief. The body obeys the mind, so it is crucial that our mindset is working at optimal performance. How do we create a champion mindset? Firstly, by looking at our belief system… this is everything.

Performance anxiety can be debilitating and in severe cases, career-ending for even the most skilled athletes. So how does NLP assist you to overcome performance anxiety? Techniques that are extremely effective are imagery – visualisation, mental rehearsal, future pacing, unpacking old belief systems and creating new empowered belief systems, deep state re-patterning and specific language models. As each athlete is unique, we would also be looking at what is going on before the anxiety, and what are the triggers.

Visualisation has revolutionised the sporting world and many of the top sporting teams and athletes are using this technique. Why does this work? Essentially, through visualisation, you are programming your mind for what will happen and what’s going to happen. As discussed earlier, the physical body obeys the mind. I work closely with my clients, teaching and showing the most effective ways to access their visual receptors. I also use a technique called deep state re-patterning. This is a great way for removing an un-resourceful emotion (fear, sadness, anger) attached to a memory, for eg: a poor performance, a loss, or something your coach said.

The emotional state of you, the athlete, is crucial before, during and after the event. One way to ensure you are in the best mental state is through anchoring. You may wish to be calm and composed before your event, you may than wish to be in full race state at a certain point or part of your event. Obviously this would differ from the marathon runner to the sprinter. Anchoring is a technique used where I can neurologically link the emotion that you want to feel, at any time – you may have a few states, depending on your event. The great thing about anchors is that you can do this for yourself at any given time. I teach you how to stack the anchor and than how to fire your anchor to get into the desired state. This is an invaluable tool that delivers powerful results, giving you the edge over your competitors.

I love working with athletes for many reasons. They are already very driven and will do whatever it takes to get the success they desire. Unlike an everyday client, athletes are already conditioned to breaking patterns, records and limits.

“Good Better Best. Never let it rest until your good is better. And your better is best”.
Tim Duncan

When I work with the athlete mindset, these shifts and changes often happen very fast and the results can be immediate. When the physical body is integrated with a quality mindset the results speak for themselves. I have listed above a few common areas that I work with, of course I am not exclusive to those and I would love you to contact me now if you want to become the champion and stay the champion that you know you are.

Jump-start your potential and transform your life.