Gai O'Dwyer
Gai O'DwyerNLP Practioner

Why me?

Connection is one of my highest values. My teaching background was a fantastic opportunity to travel abroad and through Australia for the past 20 years, experiencing many diverse cultures and people. I feel extremely fortunate that I continue to connect with people, ie: my clients. Every day I assist individuals to transform themselves to greater levels of awareness.







I genuinely strive for my clients to be living the best possible versions of themselves. I want my clients to see in their own eyes what I see and believe in them, to take their new awareness and to be greater than they thought possible, in all of life’s areas.
  • Identify and achieve empowering goals.
  • Break through limiting beliefs.
  • Gain awareness of your thoughts and emotions.
  • Transform your life to reach new levels of success!

Jump-start your potential and transform your life.