1. Be aware of what you are saying to yourself
This is called ‘Self Talk’. It is so important what we say to ourselves, as we are essentially programming our unconscious mind, and our body will then follow. For eg: if we say ‘I am old and weak‘, then this is what you will become. Fifty-five percent of what we say about ourselves and how we are perceived by others is in our physiology. If we say we are old and weak, we will do so with slumped posture. However if we say ‘I am older, wiser and stronger than this time last year’, our physiology and tonality immediately change.

2. Re-framing
Above is an example of a re-frame. I encourage my clients to do this automatically  when someone says something that is not encouraging growth. For eg: ‘Can you believe another year has gone by? It’s all down hill from here‘. A great re-frame in this situation would be ‘I am so excited to begin another year, I am grateful for all I have learned up until now, and I am excited to see where I can continue to improve and grow‘.

3. Start developing self awareness around strong emotions
One negative feeling instantly causes fifty percent decrease in muscle strength, and also narrows down our vision, both physically and mentally. This is where it is best to stop and take a look at how you are reacting and responding. Once you can take charge of emotions, you will start feeling better, producing better chemical releases, which in turn keeps the body relaxed and more youthful.

4. Visualisation
We see the world through Visual, Kinaesthetic, Auditory and Digital Processors (thinking). If we can change the feelings around these sub modalities, then our world has to change. Ageing never changes, only the meaning that we attach to it. If we see / feel / hear / think of ‘ageing’ as a wonderful journey of self-discovery, then we will become that ‘wonderful’. Visualisation helps you create the meaning you give to an event, in this case ‘ageing’.  We can visualise how we want to see ‘ageing’, how we want to feel ‘ageing’, how we want to hear ‘ageing’, and finally, what we think about ‘ageing’. For eg: ‘I see myself happy and content and  I feel so energised, I hear myself saying how good it is to be at peace with my life as each year rolls on, I think how incredible it is to have the gift of life‘.