What exactly is the study of Neuro Linguistic Programming?

What exactly is the study of Neuro Linguistic Programming? It is simply the study of the brain, our language – what we are saying to ourselves and others which then programs our thoughts. Our thoughts then become our beliefs and we live our life according to our beliefs. I work on mindset performance, identifying where the client is currently at, where they want to go, what choices they have to achieve this and what commitment they are willing to make.

NLP mindset sessions are results-focused conversations that explores new areas of thought to expand awareness, knowledge and freedom in moving forward in life, whether it be:

  • The athlete looking to achieve even greater results
  • The parent looking for new tools and strategies to better communicate with their children
  • The everyday person that is wishing, wanting, hoping for a better life, I can assist them in doing, being and having that life

Essentially I am like a tour guide for my client’s mind, so you can discover that life is not about finding yourself, it is about creating yourself to live the high quality life you desire in all areas.

Areas of Expertise

Audios for Children

Introducing‚Ķ. the many adventures of ‘Freya’, a series of audio books that explore the typical experiences children aged two to six may encounter. As a parent or carer, you will hear, through my language and tonality, new and improved ways to communicate with your children. I have written, narrated and recorded these delightful audios with the use of Neuro Linguistic Programming, to take your child on a magical journey from fear, pain and sadness, and into more desirable states such as confidence, happiness, coping with change and managing emotions.

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